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IDEM Superior - Sheets


IDEM Superior is the reliable solution for the production of carbonless sets and pads.

Environmental benefits

  • An FSC® Mix Sources certification.
  • An efficient and naturel copy system.
  • Reliable gluying with self-separating aqueous-based glue.

Competitive benefits

  • Trouble free runnability and an acknowledged opacity.
  • A consistent quality.
  • A wide range of qualities and sizes.
  • The guarantee of a brand leader for printing and finishing with confidence.
  • An environmentally certified product at no extra cost.
  • An extensive distribution network.


  • Sheet fed printing.
  • IDEM is available as pre-collated sheets..
  • It can be used with IDEM fanapart adhesive and IDEM desensitizing ink.


IDEM has been specifically designed for offset printing. It is also suitable for inkjet printing with aqueous-based inks.


  • Idem Superior CB 80
    High whiteness paper for documents with high added value such as sales or insurance contracts.
  • Idem Superior CB 90 & CF 90 OCR
    Paper which is designed for optical recognition of printed characters.
  • Idem Superior CF 125 et CF 170
    Lightweight boards:
    • to make covers, for example for insurance contracts or banking forms.
    • to provide a better stiffness for forms that are handled a lot such as transport documents or forms for garage maintenance.
    • CF 170 prevents the copy passing from one set to another when they are collated in a pad or a file.

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