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Carbonless Paper.

The world renowned giroform carbonless paper range, which is made up of standard carbonless grades as well as a wide range of speciality grades, is produced at our mill in Bielefeld. Giroform is a high quality black copy wood free carbonless paper. Almost all form requirements can be fulfilled with giroform. Giroform is available FSC® or PEFC™ certified and very environmentally friendly, naturally.

The copy is created as a result of writing pressure which causes a colour reaction in the interaction between the two coatings on the reverse and front sides of the paper.

The coating layer is composed of microcapsules that contain dissolved, colourless colour formers. Pressure caused by writing bursts the microcapsules. To produce a form, at least two sheet types (CB and CF) are required. For form sets with more than two sheets another sheet grade (CFB) is required as a middle sheet.

At a glance
  • CB (coated back) – this sheet is the top sheet and therefore original of the form set. As a result of writing pressure, the microcapsules in the coating on the reverse side of the sheet are destroyed and the colour formers contained in them are released. This sheet grade is therefore pressure sensitive and requires correct handling.
  • CFB (coated front and back) – this sheet serves as the middle or intermediate sheet in the form set and is coated on the front side with an absorbent receiving coating. During writing the released colour formers are absorbed and create an immediate colour reaction on the front of the sheet. The reverse side is coated with the same coating as the CB sheet. This sheet grade is therefore pressure sensitive and requires correct handling.
  • CF (coated front) – this is the bottom sheet of the form set. The front side is coated with the same receiving coating as the CFB sheet. This sheet grade is not pressure sensitive and can be handled as normal coated paper.

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