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Return on Investment

Setting realistic targets…

We believe in setting realistic goals when discussing how quick you will see your investment back which is why we base our examples on printing for just 6 hours per week in standard print mode (typically 720dpi).

How fast are you likely to see your investment returned?

Return on Investment

As you can see from the above examples, it takes around 2 months to see your investment back based on printing just 6 hours per week at 720dpi standard print mode, however 720dpi may be higher quality than you need so you can easily print at faster speeds - SG max speed 9.2, VG max speed 34.8 and XR max speed 49.2mtr2 per hour.

Common sense…

The more you print the faster you will see your investment back, for example, the NEW EJ Print only printer has a max speed of 102mtr2 per hour, running this at 30mtr2 ph of 10 hours a week will see you get your investment back in under 3 weeks.

Canon PRO4000S – indoor, high-speed production.

The Canon PRO4000S, which costs just under £5000, comes with just over 2ltr of ink on installation.This is capable of producing app. 450+ A1 posters with very heavy coverage, which goes a long way to helping see you achieve your original investment value back.

The PRO4000S will print A0 on a coated stock in 2mins 51 seconds, plus with Borderless (edge to edge) printing and hot swappable inks you can leave the printer unattended whilst you get on with something else.

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