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Free Delivery Roland TrueVis SG2 Series

Return on Investment

Return on investment.

Make money with Roland DG printers.Here is an example of just how quick you could see your investment back based on printing just 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.As you can see the VG2-540 prints at 14.4mtr2 per hour based on standard print mode.Printing outdoor banners charged at a very achievable £17.00 per mtr2 would see your investment back in under 7 weeks.

VG2 Return on Investment

For customers that are already established in the wide format market the EJ640 printer is the stand-out choice.With a max speed of 102mtr2 and 1ltr ink tanks the EJ is built for volume production.Printing at High Speed (540x360dpi) the printer will achieve 30mtr2 per hour.Based on 10 hours printing per week you could see your investment back in less than 1 month.

EJ640 Return on Investment

If your looking for the perfect Poster printer then look no further than the Canon PRO4000S, 44”, 8 Colour Printer.

The Canon PRO4000S, which costs less than £5000, come with 2.64ltr of ink in installation.This will produce around 450+ A1 Posters with heavy coverage, which will go a ling way to helping you get your initial investment back.This printer will print an A0 poster in under 3mins, plus with Borderless printing (edge-to-edge) and hot swap ink tanks you can leave the printer unattended whilst you get on with something else.

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