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Roland Tutorials

Custom Cut:

Custom cut enables page breaks on lengthy print and cut jobs to improve accuracy.As an example, if your job is say 3mtr and is made up of multiple print & cut images, custom cut enables you to set page break at say 300mm.In this case the printer will print 300mm then retreat for contour cutting before starting the next 300mm until the job is complete.Without custom cut the printer will attempt to print 3mtr before rewinding to contour cut 3mtr – smaller customer cuts improves accuracy and media snagging behind the printer.

Profiles – Downloading and Installing:

This tutorial simply demonstrates how to download a profile from the Roland Website – whether Roland or 3 rd Party – and then how to upload it within Versaworks.

Spot Colour Library – Printing the Spot Colour Library:

You can print the Roland Spot Colour Library for reference on your chosen media, this way you can view exactly how the Roland Library Colours will look on your chosen stock allowing you to manipulate potential artwork for better colour matching where appropriate – also view Spot Colour Setting Tutorial for further reference.

Spot Colour Settings (and replacement):

A tutorial on replacing Spot Colours within your artwork to an alternative colour/spot colour library, for example, switching a spot to metallic.

Pantone Matching/Replacing:

A tutorial on Printing Exact Pantone’s or alternatively replacing colour for closest colour within Printers Gamut or existing Spot Colour Library – watch in conjunction with Spot Colour Library (Printing Spot Colour Library) and Spot Colour Settings.

Layout Tab within Versaworks:

A quick look at the features within the Layout Tab in Versaworks.

Perforated Cut:

Create a perforation cut path.

Step and Repeat:

Step and Repeat feature within Versaworks, enables simple step and repeat of artwork in line with your chosen output/media dimensions.Ideal for Fabric, Wallpaper or any print which may be pieced together on application or overlapped.

Job Log:

View historical record of all jobs printed or ripped to Versaworks.Job log displays – Status, Start/Finish/Ink Consumption, etc.Can be used for Job Cost Estimation, etc.

Job Nesting:

Nest/collate multiple jobs for printing in order to conserve media.

Update Versaworks:

Set automatic software updates for Versaworks for optimum software efficiency.Manual updater can be run through Roland Software (see apps or programs on Windows).

Saving Jobs:

Various methods of Saving Jobs with or without Ripped Data.

Job Management:

Tutorial on Job Management Tab within Versaworks – how to use Hot/Warm/Cold Folders.

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